13 Weeks

13 weeksHow far along: 13 weeks today
Baby updates: Baby Harper is currently the size of a peach!
Mamma updates: I’m still not feeling too well and haven’t been able to shake the exhaustion yet, but I’m hoping that the 2nd trimester “honeymoon” phase kicks in soon. For now, I’m thankful that I have a husband who takes care of me (and everything else).
Weight: -2.5 I have had a bit of a tough first trimester that I’ll write more about soon, but the nausea, upset stomach, lack of appetite and aversions to lots of foods has caused me to lose a couple of pounds. I am working hard to eat as much as possible and gain it back, but I think it’s pretty normal and should all work itself out soon.
Best moments of the week: This was such a special week for Michael and me. We had a pretty important ultrasound on Thursday which checked to ensure that the baby was healthy and developing on track as it should, and everything went really well.

Waiting to go in for our ultrasound!

Waiting to go in for our ultrasound!

We had a great technician who spoke really good English and explained everything very thoroughly It was such a wonderful feeling to see that there is in fact still a baby in there and that the baby is developing just as it should. This then led to the next wonderful part of the week — sharing the news! Michael and I felt so overwhelmed by the love and support that we received from friends and family and are so thankful for the blessing of having so many wonderful people with whom to share our joy.

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