15 Weeks

*Picture taken at 14 weeks, 5 days*

*Picture taken at 14 weeks, 5 days*

How far along: 15 weeks & 1 day today
Baby updates: Baby Harper is around 4 1/2 inches long – about the size of an apple or an orange!
Mamma updates: I think I’m on the road to feeling better soon — not 100% but noticeably improving!
Cravings: On the negative side, sushi is and has been the major craving that I can’t give into.  On the positive side, I wake up every morning craving fresh fruit smoothies and without fail, Michael always makes me one.
Weight: -2.0  was the average for the week, however I can see that I am starting to gain weight back and my body is definitely changing.  It really felt like this week I just popped out which kind of makes this whole thing feel more real!
Best moments of the week: This past week I have been especially thankful for friends.
** A couple of girls knew I hadn’t been feeling well so they came by my apartment to hang out and brought beautiful tea and amazing vegetarian sushi (since that has been my #1 forbidden craving!) — so sweet of them!

Sushi w/ mango, tofu, broccoli, carrots... yum!

Sushi w/ mango, tofu, broccoli, carrots… yum!

** Some of the American moms in São Paulo included me on a lunch last week and it was nice to meet some new friends who were able to share some wisdom on what it’s like to raise a baby in this city.
** Another friend hosted a girl’s night at her apartment and hanging out with over 20 girlfriends over yummy food and drinks is just good for the soul.
Tough times: I’m posting this week from Istanbul, Turkey!  I’m here for the week for work as WINGS is having our annual in-person Board of Directors meeting.  It is so great to be here and the meeting is very interesting as our 18 Board members come from 13 different countries across the world and therefore bring a wide variety of perspectives on what is happening in the world – specifically with regards to global philanthropy.
That being said, I was feeling especially emotional leaving Michael for the week.  I actually cried before I left, then watched 3 sappy movies on the plane and cried through each one.  I felt sorry for the guy sitting next to me!

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