14 Weeks

Week 14

How far along: 14 weeks today
Baby updates: Baby Harper is 3 1/2 inches long – about the size of a lemon!
Mamma updates: I’m still not feeling great, although Michael says he thinks I’m doing much better.  Maybe I just don’t quite remember how bad it was, but I’m still feeling tired and a little sick to my stomach.
Weight: -2.3  Although putting on weight has still been pretty difficult, Michael and I are definitely noticing that my body is changing which is exciting.  In the meantime, I am eating as much as possible and sneaking in supplements (like Ensure powder) to try to add on calories whenever I can.
Best moments of the week: This week was nice and relaxing — Friday was a São Paulo holiday so Michael and I had the day off!  We spent a lot of time this weekend researching baby gear and trying to decipher what will be worth bringing back from the US and what we have space for in our little apartment.  We made some major headway, but I still welcome any & all suggestions — especially on the little things, tips & tricks, books, etc. so mamas – let me know if there was a certain thing (or list of things) that you loved for your baby!  

4 thoughts on “14 Weeks

  1. Hi Ashley! Congrats again! It is such an exciting time and you look wonderful. I’m glad you are starting to feel better. I felt pretty sick my first trimester too. In the second trimester you can really enjoy being pregnant and I hope you enjoy your third trimester. I felt so large and retained so much water it was rough. Your due date is the same as mine was last year!

    You asked about baby stuff that mamas loved. I’m not sure what the sleeping arrangements will be, but I wanted to have Ava near me when she was a newborn but not in the bed. At first I tried using a bassinet attached to her pack n play. She didn’t sleep well in it. Someone suggested I use the Fisher Price Rock N Play Sleeper. It was awesome. It’s small so it didn’t take up much room and fit right next to me beside the bed. Also, it was snug (so Ava felt secure) and elevated (Ava had acid reflux and lying down flat wasn’t good for her). I did just read there has been a recall for the item. Something about mold developing between the fabric and the plastic frame. I never had that issue, but I washed the fabric and wiped down the frame often. Because of her acid reflux she would spit up a lot. So, that probably helped prevent moisture from being trapped in between. It’s just a suggestion and every baby is different, but we ALL slept much better afterwards so I thought I’d mention it to you.

    Also when Ava was 4 months we did sleep training according to the book “The Sleepeasy Solution” by Jill Spivack and Jennifer Waldburger. It helped me understand Ava’s sleep better and it worked wonderfully for us.

    Praying for a healthy and happy pregnancy!


    • Hi Angie! Thanks so much for your comment — I have actually heard a very similar recommendation for the Rock N Play Sleeper from one of my good friends as well! Send over any other reccs! Thanks! XO

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