17 Weeks

and there's the baby!

and there’s the baby!

So, clearly I missed the boat on 16 weeks, but between the trip to Turkey and traveling for Carnaval, it just didn’t happen.  Sorry!

How far along: 17 weeks today
Baby updates: Baby Harper is around 5 inches long – about the size of a turnip!  I haven’t felt any kicks or movement yet but I am hoping that comes soon!  Also, we’ll be finding out Baby Harper’s gender next weekend so stay tuned!!
Mamma updates: Definitely feeling better and my appetite has returned, although I am still tired a lot and love when I can get a good nap in.
Things I miss: Still missing sushi.  Like, I think about it every. single. day.  Giving up alcohol hasn’t been too hard (especially since I was feeling sick for the first few months), but lately I have really been wanting a nice, cold glass of Sauvignon Blanc.
Cravings: Nothing too unusual so far, although I have started drinking Coke every now and then which is something I never used to do.
Weight: +4.5 was the highest number of the week, so I’m going with that!  The weight gain has happened pretty quickly, but I have felt like I had some catch-up to do so I’m very happy with it.  I still haven’t broken into my maternity clothes, however I feel like it’s not too far away.
Best moments of the week: The past week was wonderful.  I had a great trip to Turkey, but it felt so great to get home and escape with Michael for the most relaxing Carnaval of all time.  🙂  This week we also celebrated Valentine’s Day and our 1 year anniversary of moving to Brazil, along with a good friend’s birthday!  So lots of joy and celebrations to be thankful for.

2 thoughts on “17 Weeks

  1. Oh, honey, you look SO beautiful! And I loved reading about your trip and seeing the pictures–it will be fun to take Baby Harper back there one day–and can’t wait for next weekend to FIND OUT–and can’t wait to see you in 3 weeks!! Love u3!

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