I’m not sure what you were doing last year for Valentine’s Day, but I can tell you that Michael and I were boarding a plane, moving to Brazil!  So this year, we were celebrating Valentine’s Day, Arizona’s 101st Birthday (yes, we always acknowledge this), and the amazing year that we have had in Brazil.

To celebrate, we cooked breakfast together in the morning.  Then, Michael sent me lots of little messages throughout the day that eventually told me about our evening plans — dinner at Parigi!  And, when we arrived at the restaurant, there was a bouquet of pink roses sitting at our table!  Michael had gone by earlier to pick out the table and drop off the flowers.  Sweet husband!

Happy girl

Happy girl

VDay at Parigi

VDay at Parigi

As you might gather from the name, Parigi is a mix of French and Italian food.  Michael ordered all French and I ordered all Italian and it was ALL delicious!  Parigi had a great atmosphere and I would totally recommend it for a nice date-night out.

As special as Valentine’s Day was, our real 1 year Braziversary was Feb. 15 so obviously more celebrating was in order.  Thankfully, one of our dear friends, Jana, was turning 30 and threw a really fun party!


Happy Birthday Jana!


It was so great to realize that we arrived here a year ago, hardly knowing anyone, and a year later we were surrounded by lots of amazing friends.  So much to be thankful for!

Now here’s to the next year being even better!  

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