18 Weeks

18 weeksHow far along: 18 weeks & 1 day
Baby updates: Baby Harper is around 5 1/2 inches long – about the size of a bell pepper!  I’m pretty sure I’m starting to feel some movement but it’s hard to really know what’s what.  Oh, and we found out that Baby Harper is a little BOY!!
Mamma updates: Feeling pretty good these days — I’d say almost back to normal!
Things I miss: Still missing sushi and was tortured when we went out this weekend to one of the best sushi places in São Paulo.  That being said, it’s such a small thing compared to the blessing of getting to be pregnant.
Cravings: Mostly just things that I have always loved — fried rice stands out this week.
Weight: +5.5 was the highest number yet!  And definitely seeing my body change with it.
Best moments of the week: The past week was incredible.
We started the week on Monday with a great ultrasound.  It was our third one but it amazes me every time.  I think I basically hold my breath and squeeze Michael’s hand the entire time.
Later that day, Michael and I bought a car!  We lasted our first year in Brazil without a car, but it was definitely time to get one.  We have an itty-bitty parking space in our building which seriously limited our car options, but we settled on a Honda Fit and are very excited about it.  Plus, I drove it for the first time on Sunday and am happy to say I survived this crazy city!
Then, Thursday of last week, Michael’s mom, dad and family friend, Cindy McCain, came down for a weekend visit.  We had lots of fun showing them around town and going to all of our favorite spots.

Sushi dinner at Naga

Sushi dinner at Naga

Finally, the week culminated in one of the most unforgettable nights for us Saturday night at Baby Harper’s gender reveal party!  I will do a full post on it next, but our friends, Brad & Brett Coppens + Suzanna & Jeff Jones hosted an incredible party.  It was such a blast and Michael & I feel so beyond blessed and thankful to be surrounded by such amazing friends, love and support here.  And it was pretty fun to find out we’re having a little baby BOY!  🙂  We truly could not be happier.

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