Gender Reveal Party

One of the key reasons why Michael and I are so happy living in São Paulo is because we have such an amazing group of wonderful friends.  In fact, it’s almost weird how everyone we meet down here is just so great — we feel so blessed.  Since our move, we have never felt that more than we did on Saturday night when our friends came together to host one of the most beautiful, special and memorable nights of our lives for us.

Our fabulous hosts were Brad & Brett Coppens who were so generous to have the party in their gorgeous apartment (seriously – I am excited for you to catch a glimpse of it in these pictures because it is so dreamy) and Suzanna & Jeff Jones who were responsible for THE cupcakes, which turned out to be the hit of the night because they were not only beautiful, but also oh-so delicious.

Party Hosts!  Brett, Brad, Michael, me, Suzanna & Jeff

Party Hosts! Brett, Brad, Michael, me, Suzanna & Jeff

One of the first things I saw when we walked into the party was the amazing display of cupcakes which spelled out, “Is it a boy or girl?”  Suzanna had done an incredible job baking and she and Brett had set them up so beautifully – it really was stunning.

The beautiful line of cupcakes spelled out "Is it a boy or girl?"

The beautiful line of cupcakes spelled out “Is it a boy or girl?”

At the party there was tasty food, beautiful flowers, gorgeous views and fabulous company for everyone to enjoy.

DSC_0044DSC_0043DSC_0041Once everyone was all settled in, Brett & Brad had a little “interactive quiz” for me and the audience to test out all of the gender-prediction myths.  DSC_0057DSC_0068And here were the results: DSC_0100Next, the only thing left to do was find out the real answer about Baby Harper.  Earlier in the week, Michael and I had gone for an ultrasound where we asked the doctor not to tell us the gender, but instead to write it on a piece of paper which we immediately put into 2 envelopes — double sealed — so that neither Michael nor I could look.  Then, we trusted our secret with Suzanna and she baked the results into the cupcakes.  When the time came, we cut into the “?” cupcake.

DSC_0074DSC_0078DSC_0079DSC_0081DSC_0082DSC_0088We were so thrilled with the results but honestly Michael and I have agreed, I think we would have had the exact same reactions no matter what it had been.  It was just such a fun and special moment, full of emotions and adrenaline, and I cannot imagine it having been any more perfect.  

It was so special to have Michael’s parents there, but we Facetimed my parents and grandparents in so they were part of the action too.  You can actually see my mom’s face on my phone in the picture where we are kissing – ha!

HUGE thank you to Brett, Brad, Suzanna, Jeff and everyone who came to be there and surround us with such love and support.  It was a perfect night that we’ll never forget.  And WOOHOOO!  We’re having a BOY!!

PS: If you haven’t seen the videos yet, check them out — there are 2 videos linked on this post.

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    • Thanks Linda! You’re too sweet! We thought about you, Lexie and our old “Missy” as we finally bought a car last week. We’re happy with it but it doesn’t replace Missy for me. 😉 Hope it has treated y’all well! XO

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