20 Weeks = Halfway There!

20 WeeksHow far along: 20 weeks & 1 day
Baby updates: Baby Harper is around 6.5 inches long – currently the size of a banana!
Mamma updates: Feeling great – although I cannot believe that we’re halfway there…!!
Things I miss: I was tortured again this week by going out with friends to our favorite sushi restaurant, so we decided that as soon as the baby comes out, Michael’s job is to be sure that there is a nice, big plate of sushi waiting on me (preferably weighing at least as much as the baby).
Cravings: Fruits — especially mango — and chocolate pudding.
Weight: +7, and I literally can no longer button some of my jeans!
Best moments of the week: So many great moments last week and fun times with friends but I’ll just say that we were lucky enough to host Michael’s dear friend and law school roommate, Josh Dugan, and his sweet girlfriend Ilana.  It was so great to see Josh again and wonderful to meet Ilana, and as a bonus, Michael’s Boston College friend, Jon Lennon, was also in town for work so we were able to see him as well!  Having visitors in town always gives us a great excuse to go to all of our favorite places. IMG_1862

This week is be a big, busy one as I will be celebrating my 26th birthday tomorrow (whilst watching the Bachelor finale + After the Final Rose — PLEASE don’t send me any spoilers before then!), then flying to South Carolina on Wednesday night, arriving Thursday just in time to celebrate Meredith & Andrew’s wedding in Charleston all weekend!  Then I’ll be staying in the US until after Shannon’s wedding towards the end of April!

So – lots of fun updates coming!

3 thoughts on “20 Weeks = Halfway There!

  1. I am SO right there with you… I had a king-sized plate of ahi tuna the day Waverly was born (along with a little nip of celebratory Veuve that Ryan snuck into the hospital… shhh!) I hope you’re feeling great and getting that registry under control! We went very minimalist when prepping for W’s arrival (which I know you might need to do with the space restriction), so let me know if you have any questions about what we found to be necessities! -Blair

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