Sugar & Sparkle: Turning 26

My friend Emily sent me the sweetest birthday card, wishing me a day full of sugar and sparkle, and I felt that it was just the perfect way to describe what was a wonderful birthday.

If it was up to me, I’d probably never tell anyone that it was my birthday and would just continue on with daily life, however my husband is big into birthdays and always makes sure that I am fully celebrated, and this year was no exception.

Although my birthday was on Tuesday, it all started on Sunday when Michael threw me a little surprise birthday lunch.  We had guests in town so we had been planning on going to lunch with them that afternoon, so I wasn’t suspicions of anything until we walked into the restaurant and I saw a table full of our friends saying “Happy Birthday!”  Since I’m going to be away from São Paulo for the next few weeks, it was especially fun getting to see everyone one last time.  Thanks to everyone who came out for it!  So fun!IMG_1952

Then, since I am having a short week here, Michael decided to go ahead and send the most enormous bouquet of flowers to my office on Monday so that I would be able to enjoy them a little longer.  They may have been slightly over-the-top 🙂 but they made my day and as I walked home from work with them, people on the street offered me “parabens” (“congratulations”).DSC_0112

On Tuesday, my birthday, I was woken up with a delicious breakfast in bed — smoothie, coffee and a freshly baked bacon/egg/cheese/pao de queijo souffle of sorts.  Yum!  Michael had also written me the sweetest card that talked about how, in one sense, this was my last birthday just the two of us, and in another, it was my first birthday as the three of us, so he wanted it to be special.  Then he gave me a beautiful pair of diamond earrings!!  He had worked with our jeweler in the US and had his parents bring them down for him when they visited last month.  Not only do I absolutely love the earrings – obviously – but I am always amazed at how thoughtful he is and how he always goes the extra mile to surprise me and make me feel special.IMG_1959

Tuesday afternoon, Michael met me for lunch at a fun, tasty French restaurant, L’amitié, where he had called in advance to reserve the best table.IMG_1968When I got back to the office, my sweet coworkers had a cake for me and all sang the fun Brazilian version of “Happy Birthday to You” which is much more fun and animated than the US version.  Then that evening, Michael brought home the veggie sushi that I had been craving and we sat on the couch and watched the Bachelor, After the Final Rose.  We had planned to watch the finale but for some reason it hadn’t come onto iTunes yet and I just couldn’t wait, so we went straight into After the Final Rose.  (Plus, now I have an hour and a half of solid entertainment for my flight home tonight.  Even knowing the ending, I will still be on the edge of my seat.)

Anyway, it was the perfect day and the perfect week and I just feel so incredibly blessed to have a husband who is beyond perfect for me.  Michael – thank you for making me feel so celebrated!!  Also, thanks to all of my friends and family for the sweet, thoughtful cards, emails and messages.  So far, 26 seems pretty awesome.

3 thoughts on “Sugar & Sparkle: Turning 26

  1. Dear Ashley – Let Jeannie and I add to the Happy Birthday wishes for you! And way to go Michael!!! We hope that your stay here will be refreshing and rewarding for you and your family!!

    Sent from my iPhone

  2. Awwww, I’m so glad “sugar and sparkle” described your day! You deserve it. Counting down the days til I see you in April (I think I type that in every email I send you…)


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