Fun in the Carolinas

As I pack my bags to head to Chicago tomorrow morning (for a quick work trip), I wanted to recap some of the fun moments that I haven’t already posted about from my time in South Carolina.

Easter brunch with family at Great Uncle Johnny & Aunt Sharon’s.DSC_0122DSC_0118DSC_0148DSC_0102

Charleston Starbucks date with Bess & Mary Carol.  Look at those eyes!IMG_1984

Cheering for my mom (and watching her dominate) at her tennis match!  DSC_0005DSC_0010Shopping for Baby Harper with his daddy.  PS – Anyone have any tips on baby carriers?IMG_2027IMG_2028Visiting the newlyweds, Meredith & Andrew Flandry, in Chapel Hill.IMG_1994photo

Spending time with my treasured friend, CyrusCy

Sad to be leaving South Carolina!  It’s been such a wonderful trip!
Next stops: Chicago for the weekend, DC for the following week, then Denver for Shannon & Mike’s wedding and finally, back home to Brazil!

One thought on “Fun in the Carolinas

  1. Ashley! you look absolutely gorgeous! So great to see you :). When does the babe arrive?
    I recommend both the Ergo (read: ULTRA comfy!) and also the Baby Bjorn. We used both. Bjorn is probably better for newborns and Ergo for 5mos and beyond. There is a cool infant insert for the Ergo that is great too! God bless!Nat

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