24 Weeks

24How far along: 24 weeks & 2 days
Baby updates: Baby Harper is weighing over 1 lb now and is around a foot long!  He’s been extra active this week – cartwheels and somersaults galore!  Now if only he could tell me what name he wanted to be called – it’s such a tough decision!
Mamma updates: This past week has been unusually emotional for me.  It was like, literally overnight, all of these mama hormones and maternal instincts started kicking in and I started feeling super connected to our little guy and just couldn’t wait to hold him!  It’s hard to explain because it’s not that I wasn’t excited about him in the past, but some kind of switch flipped and I now feel differently about it.  It’s weird, but I think it’s a good thing.
Things I miss: Nothing this week!
Cravings: Along with the emotions, this week I also had the strongest cravings ever.  At one point I HAD to have Zaxby’s chicken fingers, fries and sauce and then later I was DESPERATE for ice cream.
Weight: +12.  And lots of strangers have started to approach me and ask me when I’m due or congratulate me, which means I’ve hit the point where I look undeniably pregnant.
Best moments of the week:  I loved spending a little more time at home with my family.  One night my mom sat up with me for an hour just feeling Baby Harper move around and kick.  Then I headed to Chicago to attend a conference for work and am now happily in DC, reunited with my sweet husband and some of my besties!  So fun getting to see so many people who I love right now!

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