25 Weeks

25 weeksHow far along: 25 weeks & 2 days
Baby updates: Baby Harper is weighing 1.5-2 lbs now and is over a foot long.  He’s starting to beef up a little and apparently he is also growing hair and opening his little eyes! Weird!
Mamma updates: This has been a great week for me.  I still need a good night’s sleep but generally I am feeling great during the day.
Things I miss: We went out with friends to Lauriol Plaza and I definitely missed enjoying their amazing frozen margaritas!


Friends at Lauriol Plaza

Cravings: I’ve been having serious cravings for ice cream and oreo milkshakes this week.
Weight: +?.  I’m living out of hotels right now and haven’t gotten to weigh myself so I’m not sure.  However, I can report that I’m wearing almost exclusively maternity clothes and that the belly continues to “grow by the second,” as Michael says.  I like it but also get a little scared when I think about the fact that it will only continue to grow for almost 3 1/2 more months!
Best moments of the week:  It has been great to be back in DC with Michael.  It’s the city where we met and fell in love and just holds so many fun memories for us.  Further, we have been so blessed by all of the friends who we have gotten to see here as well.  More on our time in DC soon, but in the meantime, here are a couple of quick highlights!

The prettiest time of year in DC

The prettiest time of year in DC

Night 1 in DC, reunited with my old roomies, Laine & Emily!

Night 1 in DC, reunited with my old roomies, Laine & Emily!

GULC campus

GULC campus

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