M&M in Rio – the start…

As I mentioned, our very dear friends Mike Saign and Moira O’Connell visited in May. Minus a little bout of food-poisoning for me, it was really the best visit ever and now we are just missing them big-time. There are too many amazing pictures and moments from their trip to fit into one post, so here is Part 1 of their visit.

We started by meeting them at the airport in Rio & then enjoyed the following:
The Botanical Gardens Kkfm7zb-RyFOTVy-8luVIU2l8M0UHz1mGBYaWbceSI0,5tMVkIWY5wL07DqwzbVx8QkOkE_I9pS6FqXbub1K7lgDSC_0291DSC_0243

Happy Hour at Jobi and dinner at Sushi LeblonlfPGvLWrclzWjHTzSDszHtGKVJhuHc4U2gt9CLbdomo L2bLLjWwl9pTcMWjB4y_JBsJUzkXGMOlObE1AxR9ydk

Enjoying caipirinhasIUImX1GUub8zKByIUMrxRTgD8f-cQLXIltWa1I5nPy4

Pão de Açúcar0H-j8agqKSLCHi8wV6jSBowdoKwK2RXEjgjbd2jGGrodAvEQLAlSz_basH-clmZ6hSMwAbn5jsP35nxJ4Kkt1AQYObpX-ZGTt1etF2lWfbZZ5M08kryHRdzLFvEw7F7OorKXi-UlnOpL1rADH2pt7JTSoEnSAXdz3JB05ibPJKFY

Drinks at Hotel Santa Teresa 6MOgwHivk8WnoOHtyFXlX-XVqu1LkllI-mtsb97_-RA

Dinner at Aprazível4gHW00z87jV8gVtQXECBIrwU_WYwfdkeEL4XHuq5LaI

Rio Scenarium (where we were able to skip the 200 person line because pregnancy earns you priority status all over Brazil — even at bars & clubs!)0nRXC6aDR4-hq0gabetbYuYq3MOCSo5QLcMkyUzNOGI I0jHAxl7tiNQgocUm8S9PFe9kXerzefKji-9HHQmekk

BeachesIrzyVI0OAlkF4A38Tm7Lbujq0Q8e1VZgO4gITyf1QuQ ClLv6iU0RKNUjSZOIe46CB_92XC5Rsu4ksOhU-85Gm8

The Fasano & their rooftop deckvypCFaKUGn40l4ndZIQlUZ20MICFp1hCeWYi6WBmU_o

Cristo Redentor CXxseB4MVDmjm4CDsxaH0GhEanq-OG3gOGb7adcq4JE

Up next: M&M in São Paulo!

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