M&M in São Paulo – the middle…

After a fabulous stay in Rio, Mike & Moira joined us in São Paulo to check out our city and our neighborhood.  Although São Paulo may not be as beautiful as Rio, it was so much fun getting to show them where we live, work & play. Here is a quick look at some of their week in the city:

Lunch at our neighborhood spot, Sallvattore

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Dinner at NagayamadqzgKNOowrD1HZgRvY9g16a9caDC3fHY9cH2aWPFYk8-Tyx5iQLd6t2Lx3jSWvsQriEL95j7ezvhBi0Wps6Atk

Checking out the Havaianas store on Oscar Freire (which Mike dubbed as the Apple-store of Havaianas stores)ReeRrA3PI8K7okOm1y9r38L6sF_8saMEfzEWDf4RQns

Drinks at Vaca VéiabeUQMX7SrOstPki1GDGvHyxQcRkfTE7Q5BfbcqSKB4o

Dinner at Espirito Santophoto

Seeing the expanse of the city from the top of Terraço ItaliaORc_mb0DZvXOpb1ziLQrOEMlRwUliVHtNqE33adwuuA

Fun at Bar Samba in Vila Madalenaphoto copyR6_RYMXf5MsPaNW8PPbnXVrqZkgqkukGRKiYf8Gh2AUUp next: M&M in Camburi!

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