32 Weeks

32 weeksHow far along: 32 weeks & 2 days — less than 8 weeks to go!
Baby updates: According to our ultrasound on Friday, Baby Harper is over 4.5 lbs already!  Yikes!
Mamma updates: Right now I’m trying to get over a cold but otherwise I’m feeling OK. I’ve definitely moved into the more uncomfortable stage of pregnancy, so something is always feeling a little off, but nothing major. At this point I am thankful that we have about 8 weeks left. I am glad that we still have some time to do a little more preparing, but I’m also happy we’re getting close!
Things I miss: Nothing really this week.
Cravings: Fruity teas.
Weight: +18-19 still, but I should be gaining about a pound/week from here on out, and supposedly around half of that goes straight to the babe. I’m not sure I’ll get to my goal of 35 lbs but hopefully I’ll gain around 30. Trying to eat a lot!
Best moments of the week: This was a short week for us (Corpus Cristi holiday on Thursday) so we were able to do a lot of relaxing, spend good time with friends, and make some major progress on the nursery!  There is still some more work to do, but I’ll share it as soon as we’re ready.
Another highlight was our ultrasound on Friday where we got to see our little guy and hear that he’s continuing to grow big and strong.  We are so thankful to God for the blessing of a healthy baby and healthy pregnancy. Then, on Saturday we did our hospital tour and got to see where we will be bringing Baby Harper into the world (Albert Einstein)!
We’re also on high-alert baby-watch for our dear friends, Trent and Paige (due today!!), so we’ve been enjoying some final moments with them before their baby girl comes by doing post-church pregnancy photo-shoots.  🙂img_1799 Finally, we were thrilled to find out that Michael’s oldest sister, Christy, and her husband, TJ, are going to be having a sweet baby BOY (due Oct. 28).  It will be so much fun having boy cousins so close in age!  832_10200568827357158_634596603_n251004_10200571096813893_1940824083_n

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