M&M in Camburi – the end

To close out their trip to Brazil with a bang, Mike, Moira, Michael and I took off early Saturday morning to spend two quick but magical days on the beautiful beach of Camburi, about a 3 hour drive outside São Paulo.

Day 1:oIwOR2SO1jN1tYxSwNu6vMF8T6iawaxpjdyGJOl-Z7csK7q9oShndba2GSa2WUMfNjJt295DcmkosYxjkNoOPQNh5fKBB_gewCS764Q5EtqvQYuD8rB4UwDsmqcf0UY5QIagQYNf6VcBM7K1JJWO2O55nDqrj0uZU2TCrH1TEVY0Y4UAWJKgcWlNCOctT3URJ1hYFluXWWFNCUTk92IIIGk

Unforgettable dinner under the moon & stars at Acqua


Day 2:

Pousada Canto do Camburi8VWyI4-4IGazBPee83b0Ydvtg8hHzmERPivJwrHBchUc3B7lfV0UHM3JbFG-EuUBpekGrKYnh2kNOKBJ-R-u2sdkG_VK9zGdNuC2P5CFmSHzaL6zPLDNkgpFTT-i6y6A0 - Cópiab6pxNyMQ8_7Ls-oy1gZfXl2mles4SgZeTuKXxzxsAx4ndTPJau_tr-o2WEI58iowfO-s718yQeWMfHUPwD2soMAswAyU-AA1aa5ug1MJt2jOiU395ix1YwFFvZG-lGGtM - Cópia

Now, to get a really good, fun look at their visit via the sweetest video with the best soundtrack, click here (I recommend sound up & full screen!) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VXPLau7SXKE&feature=youtu.be — Compliments of Mike and Moira!

Now come back already!  We miss you guys!

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