Culhane’s 1st Month!

Today is Colt’s 1 month birthday! Happy 1 month my love!1 month

I think our weekly updates are going to transition into monthly ones, so here is my summary of the first month.

Colt Developments: Sweet boy, you have changed and grown so much this first month!

When we first met you, you still needed a little help learning how to breathe and you would hardly open your eyes. Now you are spending lots of time each day alert and awake, following people and objects. You aren’t QUITE smiling just yet, but you give lots of little smiles and smirks that melt your mom and dad’s hearts just the same.

You have definitely grown, but I’m not sure by how much. You were born at 6lbs 12 oz and got down to 6lbs 2 oz. I think you’re around 9lbs 5 oz but we’ll get an official weigh-in on Friday with the pediatrician. You developed a little baby acne last week – it looks better this week but it’s still going strong. It’s totally normal though and just means that your pores are opening up!

You are still so sweet and laid back. You don’t cry much and when you do, it’s generally pretty easy to comfort you. You enjoy walks in the park, rides in the car, being held, baths, eating and sleeping. You also really like being sung to and bounced.

You smell like heaven and are so soft to snuggle and kiss. I just want to breathe you in.

Eating: You are a great little eater! Right now you are eating 5-6 times per day — every 3-4 hours during the day and every 4-7 hours at night (from the start of one feed to the start of the next). You’re great both with me and the bottle. Your only issue is that you are getting a little feisty in the evenings and making feedings a little tricky, but we get through it! I love how God created me to take care of you and make food for you, and feeding you is such precious, sacred time for me to share with you.

Sleep: Your are an all-star sleeper! You have been great at sleeping in your crib from day 1, which is great because in our little apartment we don’t really have any other options! You sleep longer stretches at night and takes naps throughout the day in between feedings.

This was the first week that we didn’t have someone (your dad or Gigi) sleeping in your room on “night-duty” to bring you to me for night feedings and to do night diaper changes, etc. The first night I slept less than 3 hours because I was up with you and constantly watching you on the monitor, running into your room every so often. Last night was better (I got 5 1/2 hours of sleep) but I think I might need to start napping when you nap during the day!

Schedule: We aren’t on an official schedule yet, although we have been pretty consistent with our routine of feed & change – awake time – sleep time – repeat. The cycle is usually 4 hours but fluctuates a bit from day-to-day. Your dad likes to try to maximize his time with you though, so we are starting to try for a more consistent wake-up time so that he can spend some time with you each morning before he heads off to work.

Mom: It’s amazing how much your body can change in a month! During the first week I felt like I was experiencing a very slow recovery, but by this point I basically feel back to normal. I am still following orders not to lift heavy objects and I haven’t exercised (other than going for walks), but in a couple of weeks I should be able to do that too.

Motherhood has been the most amazing experience of my life. I don’t want to say that it hasn’t been difficult, because of course it has been, but I would say that I don’t think it’s been any harder than I would have thought. And mostly it’s just incredible!

One of the most fun parts of being a mom has been seeing your dad be a dad! Colt, your dad is so crazy about you. I have heard him slip (more than once) and say that you’re the love of his life! (Although don’t get any ideas – that position belongs to me!) During those first 10 days before my mom arrived and when I was having a really hard time doing anything, your dad took care of you in every way possible with the exception of feeding you. He slept beside your bed, dressed you, changed all of your diapers, burped you, snuggled with you and loved on you like crazy. I think he really bonded with you during that time, and ever since he returned to work he just soaks up every possible second he can get with you when he’s home. I send him pictures and videos of you all day, and he even insisted we get a camera that will allow him to check on you during the day from his office (or wherever). You look a lot like your dad and I hope that your character and heart take after him too. He is a once-in-a-lifetime kind of guy, and you and I are so lucky to have him in our lives.

Little love, I am so madly in love with you. All day I can’t stop staring at you, marveling at the miracle you are. It feels like a weighty obligation to have a boy – to raise a man – and I pray that you will grow to be brave and kind with a heart that beats for the Lord. I pray that God would draw you to Himself quickly and fiercely, and that you would love others as an outpouring of your relationship with Christ. I pray that your life is long, full and fulfilling, filled with love, adventure and laughter. I pray that you have big dreams that come true. You have made mine come true.

3 thoughts on “Culhane’s 1st Month!

  1. Thank you for sharing these intimate moments in writing–it is so reminiscent of my special time with my first born boy! It brought tears to my eyes! There is nothing in life that quite compares and you are so wise to realize how precious each moment is unto itself. In my opinion it is the experience
    of the purest form of unconditional love which mirrors God’s exquisite love for us. Enjoy each miraculous day; can’t wait to meet your handsome some!
    Diane Harrington

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