Nana & Papa Harper: São Paulo

On August 15th, Michael’s parents landed in São Paulo to meet their first grandchild! We had an amazing time sharing Culhane with Nana and Papa and are so thankful for all of their love and help during their visit. In true Harper style, we packed a lot in, so consider this Part 1 of their trip — Part 2 coming next!

Upon their arrival in São Paulo, Sharon & Ollie came directly to meet Culhane. Here they are holding him for the first time!

photo 4IMG_2813

Amazing all-day lunch party at Bar des Arts! DSC_0049 Culhane & caipirinhas — what else could you want?!DSC_0052


Visiting our weekend street-market.IMG_2830

Heading out for pizza with friends! 
IMG_2124photo 3

Sushi at Nagayama followed by live bossa nova at the Fasano.IMG_2899IMG_2909Lunch at Museu da Casa Brasileira.IMG_2971

Nana and Papa also made us lots of delicious dinners (both at our apartment and at Joe’s), and those family dinners at home were some of our favorite times together.IMG_2163IMG_2858photo 1


Culhane loved spending time with his Nana & Papa, and Michael and I loved all of the help! On top of cooking us dinners, doing our grocery shopping, bringing me lunch and taking us to to fun places, Sharon & Ollie were also all-star babysitters, allowing Michael and me to go out together and letting me get a few extra naps in! Their visit was so incredible – Culhane is missing you both already! 

image** Up next: The Harpers at the Fasano – Fazenda Boa Vista!**

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