Nana & Papa Harper: The Fasano at the Fazenda Boa Vista

To close out their visit, Sharon and Ollie took Joe, Michael, Colt & me to the Fasano at the Fazenda Boa Vista — an incredible hotel on an even more impressive property.  fasand

We drove out on Friday afternoon and it was only about an hour and a half outside the city, but it felt like a complete and total escape from São Paulo. Everything was so magnificent – I’ve really never been anywhere like it.

Culhane was immediately excited about the room as ours was all set up for him with a beautiful crib, a baby bath and a changing station! DSC_0068DSC_0066DSC_0070

But even with all of these amenities, Culhane still tried to steal our bed! That little rascal! DSC_0150

We spent the weekend relaxing, exploring the property, enjoying the spa, eating great food and soaking up our time together.

Morning stroll on the deck before breakfast.IMG_3030

Afternoon biking around the property.DSC_0075DSC_0088DSC_0100DSC_0114DSC_0081

In spite of the cold water, Michael jumped in the lake for a quick swim. IMG_2173

Lots of snuggle-time with Culhane. photo 1photo 3

On Saturday night we celebrated Michael’s upcoming 31st birthday (on September 9th) with a surprise cake that had an even more surprising candle / explosive device on top that Sharon had found at the supermarket! It even played music!

DSC_0149IMG_3308DSC_0135IMG_3018DSC_0118It was the perfect setting for us all to enjoy being together for a few final days before Sharon & Ollie headed back to Arizona. It was such a special time and when it came time to say goodbye, Culhane was the saddest one of all!

IMG_3034Come back soon, Nana & Papa!

2 thoughts on “Nana & Papa Harper: The Fasano at the Fazenda Boa Vista

  1. Love all the pictures and great commentary. Better than any scrapbook or diary. Ain’t technology grand? I’m old enough to still be in awe. Love Dad

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