Recife & Porto de Galinhas

This past weekend Culhane and I joined Michael on a quick work-trip of his in the northeast of Brazil. He had a Friday morning meeting in Recife so late Thursday afternoon we headed to the airport for Culhane’s longest flight yet – 3 hours. The plane was full so we opted to carry him in the front-pack. We brought bottles for the flight and ended up giving him a little bit during take-off since he started crying, we fed him a full bottle in the middle of the flight since it was time for him to eat, and then I nursed during the landing since the change in pressure was clearly bothering him. He cried a bit during both takeoff and landing, but feeding definitely helped. 

IMG_3857We arrived Thursday evening and after dropping our things off at the hotel, we headed straight out for dinner. Recife is known for great seafood and specifically for a few local dishes so we ordered it all.IMG_3235

The next morning I was thrilled to wake up to this view from our hotel window!IMG_3866The only problem, however, is that Recife is known for their prevalence of shark attacks, so we opted not to go swimming here.IMG_3243So, on Friday afternoon, after Michael was finished with work, we drove an hour and a half to the beautiful beaches and turquoise waters of Porto de Galinhas where we stayed Friday and Saturday nights at a resort hotel on the beach.

DSC_0494Culhane didn’t seem crazy about the pool, so we tried the beach!DSC_0518Michael taking him for his first ever dip in the ocean.DSC_0535DSC_0550DSC_0559He really wasn’t sure what to make of the waves, and Mama didn’t want him in the sun too much, so we moved under an umbrella and relaxed in the sand.IMG_3943IMG_3946After a great day at the beach, Culhane was a happy little guy!IMG_3879IMG_3888Staying hydrated with lots of fresh, cold coconut water.IMG_3965Playing in the grass.DSC_0570On the flight home I nursed both during takeoff and landing, we changed 2 dirty diapers, and I think he only cried for about 45 seconds. Superman indeed!

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