Aunt Lise

On Culhane’s 4 month birthday he received a MAJOR gift – his Aunt Lise came to visit! Lise lives in Phoenix so she hadn’t gotten to meet Colt yet, and although she will be seeing him again over New Years, she just couldn’t wait that long. Lise is an amazing, talented and BUSY doctor, so she didn’t have long to visit, but she still made the trip to be with us Thursday morning through Sunday evening. We were so honored that she would go through all of the time, energy, etc. to come see us and our sweet boy, so we tried to pack in a combination of São Paulo fun + lots of Culhane snuggle time.

Lise arrived Thursday morning and came directly over to meet her nephew.IMG_4799 Next, we met up with Michael for lunch at one of our favorite neighborhood spots. Then for dinner Thursday night, Joe hosted everyone at his apartment for a beautiful meal, complete with a fancy menu! IMG_3451IMG_3452IMG_3464IMG_3458 On Friday morning Lise came over for lots of good, quality Culhane time. IMG_3471IMG_4806 After lots of morning smiles, we headed to the fancy mall in our neighborhood to meet Michael and Joe for lunch. IMG_4809IMG_4810After lunch we walked around the park & Culhane showed off his sweet new shades. IMG_3478Next we cooled off in the apartment and played!DSC_0135DSC_0142DSC_0147 Friday night we headed to our favorite sushi spot, Nagayama, and it was amazing! IMG_3485IMG_4814On Saturday Lise came over for some more quality Culhane time, and then we drove to Bar da Dona Onça in the Centro for a great Brazilian lunch. IMG_3505DSC_0158DSC_0179DSC_0165DSC_0159Saturday night we all took it easy and just headed down the block to dinner at our favorite Italian spot, Sallvattore. IMG_4815On Sunday we took Lise to mass at the beautiful Nossa Senhora cathedral and then spent the rest of the afternoon at the park with friends. It was perfect out! DSC_0191DSC_0199DSC_0216Lise, thank you so much for coming to visit! We had a blast with you and can’t wait to hang out together again next month!

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