Gigi & Pasha Part 1: Rio & SP

Over the past few weeks, Culhane has been busy getting lots of special time with lots of special people. A few days after Aunt Lise left, Michael, Culhane and I flew to Jackson, Mississippi to celebrate two of our dear friends getting married – yay Kern & Emily! I’m obviously behind on blogging and will do a post on that trip soon, but right after we got back to São Paulo, my parents arrived for a fabulous 10 day visit! My mom was here for a few weeks right after Culhane was born, but this was my dad’s first visit and his first time meeting his sweet grandson who shares his middle name – McGeever!

My parents arrived in Brazil on November 22. We met them at the São Paulo airport and then all flew together to Rio de Janeiro. We were unlucky with the weather there and it rained every single day so we weren’t able to do the beach or other fun, touristy things, however this did make for lots of extra grandparent-snuggle time with Colt. Also — little known fact about my dad — he is an avid stamp collector so the trip to Rio was actually dual-purpose as the annual international stamp show was happening, so we did that as well.

Meeting at the airport! photoVisiting the famous and beautiful Copacabana Palace for lunch and a little tour. IMG_2702IMG_2684

Culhane’s first sink-bath in our Rio apartment! IMG_0905The Stamp Show! My dad and these 2 gentlemen are the 3 co-VPs of the American Philatelic Society. DSC_0220Fun dinner at a fav spot – Zaza-Bistro! IMG_4910

After a rainy weekend we headed back to São Paulo where we enjoyed beautiful weather, great friends and lots of amazing restaurants.

Day 1 started with lunch at Museu da Casa BrasileraDSC_0222DSC_0231Then a visit to Michael’s office. DSC_0233DSC_0242DSC_0236DSC_0243Finally, we headed across the street to Shopping Iguatemi for some holiday cheer! DSC_0247DSC_0254DSC_0270Outside the mall — Santa and his dog in their rainy-day attire. IMG_4990

We capped off the night with a visit to Hotel Unique for cocktails and beautiful views of the city. DSC_0273DSC_0276DSC_0277DSC_0297DSC_0291DSC_0306DSC_0310

Up Next: Gigi & Pasha Part 2 – Thanksgiving!

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