Christmas in Columbia, SC

Since I’m way behind on posting, the next few will be more pictures than text.

On Christmas Eve, my family gathered at the State Capitol for a little family photo-shoot. My mom likes to take advantage of having the whole group together, especially now that there are little ones in the picture! Culhane wore a sweater, hat and gloves all knitted by my Aunt Sheryl!

IMG_97391 That evening, we all gathered for Christmas Eve service at my parents’ church.DSC_0005 After church, we went to my great Aunt & Uncle’s house with some of my cousins for dinner. Culhane loved getting to hang out with Margaret! DSC_0008 After dinner Michael and I were excited to teach everyone the famous, Harper-family-dice-game! You see, every Christmas Eve in Phoenix, the Harpers gather together with their dear friends, the Griegos, for dinner & gambling. So this year we decided to bring the fun to South Carolina! DSC_0012DSC_0019On Christmas morning, Michael and I snuck off to my parents’ church for a quick but beautiful Christmas service. It’s funny how having a little baby caused both of us to marvel at the miracle of Christ’s birth in a new way, so this Christmas was extra special to us as we considered God’s amazing love and grace to us through Jesus.

When we returned home everyone was in the living room opening gifts, or rather, watching adorable Augusta Clare open gifts.DSC_0037

Lots of festive red!
DSC_0039 Culhane, very into his dad’s new pair of Tom’s.DSC_0063 DSC_0041 Our very own, happy little Santa – round belly and all!IMG_5269 DSC_0095 DSC_0107 DSC_0111 The day after Christmas we went to my grandparents’ house for a visit. IMG_5271 IMG_3867 IMG_3869And my dear friend Katie stopped by for a visit along with her sister and nephew who is exactly 2 years older than Colt!
IMG_5278 Our last couple of nights at home, Michael and I stayed up late playing games with my parents. On our last night we stayed up until 2am playing poker!IMG_5289 We were so sad to leave, but before we knew it, it was time to fly west to see our Phoenix family! Thankfully we had a sleepy (i.e. good) traveler on our hands!IMG_5298

Pictures from Phoenix next!

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