Valentine’s Day 2014!

I know that many people have pretty mixed emotions about Valentine’s Day – as in, most people don’t like it – but in the Harper household we always have a lot to celebrate.

For one, it marks our Brazilversary! Michael and I can’t believe that yesterday we celebrated that 2 years ago we boarded our flight to move here! It’s amazing how time has flown by and crazy to think of all that has happened in these two years. So incredibly thankful.

Secondly, it’s Arizona’s birthday. (No offense Zonies, but this one is actually lower than second on my list.)

Thirdly, House of Cards season 2 is out. This is no small thing.

Finally, it’s a day to celebrate LOVE! and anyone who knows me knows that I love love.

So, this year we had a great time celebrating. It all started on Monday the 10th when my sweet friend down the street, Michelle, had a Valentine’s Day party for the little ones! She had a spread of delicious red, heart-shaped treats, pink sparkling champagne AND a woman there to give mani/pedis on her balcony! Pretty sweet, right?

Getting a pedicure & drinking bubbly with friends & babies!IMG_5699The babies — all just weeks apart!IMG_5700Michelle’s yummy and pretty spread:IMG_5702Colt’s Valentine??IMG_5684

The babies – not loving the pit of balls in the play area. IMG_4751IMG_4755

Then, on Friday (actual VDay), Michael being ever the romantic, planned a fun surprise date-night for us! He came home from work with a beautiful bouquet of flowers and had the babysitter scheduled to arrive at 8pm. IMG_5796I didn’t know where we were going for dinner, but I was ecstatic when we pulled up in front of Mani, one of the top 5 best restaurants in South America, top 50 in the worldIMG_5795

Mani is known for putting a modern, refined twist on traditional Brazilian food, and it was the best culinary experience I’ve had since moving to Brazil. Highly recommend.

Appetizers:IMG_4162“The perfect egg” cooked for 90 minutes at 63 degrees. Seriously amazing.IMG_4163Happy.IMG_4165IMG_4166

XO! ashley

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