Beach Weekend (& Colt 7 months)

Last Friday, on Culhane’s 7 month birthday, we headed to the beach – Praia da Baleia – to join 12 other friends + 2 more babies for a beach weekend! We had a blast with our friends, but it was also a bit of a wake-up call that our baby boy is in a new stage that makes him a little less “portable.” Culhane’s current schedule is packed with him constantly feeding or eating something – often requiring some type of food preparation and high-chair set-up. It’s generally something like this:

7:30 am – Wake up and nurse
8:30 am – Fresh juice (which he doesn’t really like – so weird)
10:00-12:00 – Nap
12:00 pm – Lunch: Homemade veggie & meat soup (which he LOVES – even weirder)
12:45 pm – Nurse
2:45-3:15 – Nap
3:15 pm – Snack: Fruit
4:00 pm – Nurse
5:15-5:40 – Nap
5:45 pm – Dinner: Homemade veggie & meat soup
7:30 pm – Nurse
8:30-7:30 – Night sleep

(He’s in the midst of transitioning towards just 2 naps (merging the last 2) but that’s still a work in progress.)

Some of our “parent-fail” moments over the weekend included:
**Having to pull over 3 times on the 3 hour drive to the beach either to nurse, feed or just to try to get him to stop crying (little man doesn’t like to be cooped up in a car-seat during his play time!)
**Colt getting 5 mosquito bites upon arriving the first evening
**Trying to take Culhane to the beach Saturday morning and ending up getting sunscreen in his eyes causing quite the sad, swollen situation
**Trying to take Culhane to the beach Saturday afternoon to sit under an umbrella but the heat proved to be too much and it was nothing but tears
**Generally trying to get Colt (and ourselves) to sleep in the HEAT (90s during the day, maybe getting to the 70s at night) with no AC.

All that being said, we did still have a GREAT time with our amazing friends, and we had a TON of fun taking Colt to the beach Saturday evening after the sun had gone down. Here are some pictures from the weekend:
The whole group!P1090364revMichael, Trent and Campbell:IMG_4645 Paige, Mailey, Culhane and me:IMG_4733Colt’s Blue Steel:
IMG_4746 IMG_5677Trent and Mailey:IMG_4735 IMG_4732IMG_4743Coppens Fam:IMG_4689Harpers:
IMG_4742 IMG_4741 IMG_4740 IMG_4737 IMG_4667

PS: Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!
Up Next: Our Valentine’s Day celebrations!

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