Nov 2016: SC Family Pics

While we were visiting my family for Thanksgiving, my mom took the opportunity of having everyone together to get some family photos taken. We were thankful that my grandparents and mom’s sister, Sheryl, were also able to join so that we could get the whole group! These photos are already very special treasures…

Whole group together! My grandparents + their kids + grandkids + great grandkids! img_2481


Grandkids & great grandkids with Nannie & Papa.img_2543

My parents with their kids & grandkids.img_9524

My family with my grandparents.img_2687

Beautiful photo of Nannie & Papa. What a blessing and example they are for us! img_2724

Love this one of my brother’s family. Lucky guy with those pretty girls!img_2958


Colt and Augusta Clare are THE cutest things together!! I think she’s his favorite person on earth. So cute!img_3545img_3552img_3529img_3584img_2907

Little Harper boys.img_9523img_9517img_9515img_9514


Thank you to Paula Williamson for capturing these moments & memories!

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